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Carbonneau, Guy (C) 18 Mar 1960 Sept-Iles, QC, CAN
Cassels, Andrew (C) 23 Jul 1969 Bramalea, ON, CAN
Chelios, Chris (D) 25 Jan 1962 Chicago, IL, USA
Chorske, Tom (R) 18 Sep 1966 Minneapolis, MN, USA
Corson, Shayne (L) 13 Aug 1966 Barrie, ON, CAN
Courtnall, Russ (R) 2 Jun 1965 Duncan, BC, CAN
Cristofoli, Ed (R) 14 May 1967 Trail, BC, CAN
Daigneault, Jean-Jacques (D) 12 Oct 1965 Montreal, QC, CAN
Desjardins, Eric (D) 14 Jun 1969 Rouyn, QC, CAN
Desjardins, Martin (C) 28 Jan 1967 Ste. Rose, QC, CAN
Dufresne, Donald (D) 10 Apr 1967 Rimouski, QC, CAN
Ewen, Todd (R) 22 Mar 1966 Saskatoon, SK, CAN
Gilchrist, Brent (L) 3 Apr 1967 Moose Jaw, SK, CAN
Hayward, Brian (G) 25 Jun 1960 Weston, ON, CAN
Keane, Mike (R) 29 May 1967 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Lebeau, Stephan (C) 28 Feb 1968 St-Jerome, QC, CAN
Lefebvre, Sylvain (D) 14 Oct 1967 Richmond, QC, CAN
Lemieux, Claude (R) 16 Jul 1965 Buckingham, QC, CAN
Lemieux, Jocelyn (R) 18 Nov 1967 Mont Laurier, QC, CAN
Ludwig, Craig (D) 15 Mar 1961 Rhinelander, WI, USA
Lumme, Jyrki (D) 16 Jul 1966 Tampere, FIN
Martinson, Steve (L) 21 Jun 1957 Minnetonka, MN, USA
McPhee, Michael (L) 14 Jul 1960 Sydney, NS, CAN
Naslund, Mats (L) 31 Oct 1959 Kiruna, SWE
Odelein, Lyle (D) 21 Jul 1968 Quill Lake, SK, CAN
Pederson, Mark (L) 14 Jan 1968 Prelate, SK, CAN
Racicot, Andre (G) 9 Jun 1969 Rouyn-Noranda, QC, CAN
Richer, Stephane (R) 7 Jun 1966 Ripon, QC, CAN
Roy, Patrick (G) 5 Oct 1965 QC, CAN
Schneider, Mathieu (D) 12 Jun 1969 New York City, NY, USA
Skrudland, Brian (C) 31 Jul 1963 Peace River, AB, CAN
Smith, Bobby (C) 12 Feb 1958 North Sidney, NS, CAN
Svoboda, Petr (D) 14 Feb 1966 Most, CZE
Walter, Ryan (C) 23 Apr 1958 New Westminster, BC, CAN
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