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Crease Cowboy
Hockey might be his first love, but Carey Price is a cowboy at heart. Price kicks it western and provides a glimpse into how deep his wrangler roots run.

Man at Work
For most players, the road to the NHL is paved in goals and assists. For others, the recipe is a simple one: work hard, and then work harder.  It’s something that certainly doesn’t bother Maxim Lapierre in the least.

True Calling
How do you top leading the Canadiens to the Stanley Cup as a player? When you’re Kirk Muller, you return home and try to do it all over again.

Future Watch
Told his whole life he was too small to go anywhere in hockey, 5-foot-6 David Desharnais never let go of his NHL dream. With a three-year deal with the Canadiens in his back pocket, the pint-sized centerman is turning heads with the Hamilton Bulldogs this season.

Blast from the Past
No one likes being late. But if you were playing for the Canadiens in the early 1990s, sleeping in or getting caught in morning traffic before practice was simply not an option. Especially when practical joke king Mike Keane was around.

Ask Eddy
The latest installment of our wildly popular feature starring Eddy Palchak, the longtime trainer recalls the player he was most saddened to see leave Montreal, what impact an automatic skate sharpener almost had on his career and how he guarded the Habs’ bench on the road with his life.

The Last Word
Born just outside Montreal in Saint-Isidore, QC, mixed martial artist Georges “Rush” St. Pierre rose to international superstardom thanks to his devastating mastery of Kyukoshin Karate, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and boxing. Find out what the UFC welterweight champ had to say about everything from his buddy Georges Laraque and his favorite martial arts movie, to his days as a bouncer at a Montreal night club. See complete interview.

On the Fly
Quick hits, insider chatter, and other random facts including:

- Behind the bench with Mike Komisarek
- My Influences: Jaroslav Halak
- My Playlist: Roman Hamrlik
- Dining Out with Josh Gorges
- The Couch Critic: Tom Kostopoulos
- Behind Enemy Lines: Dion Phaneuf on Roman Hamrlik

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Looking for the best way to break in a new pair of skates? Ever wonder how Larry Robinson got the nickname “Big Bird”? Trying to figure out how to convert your girlfriend into a hockey fan? With his name on the Stanley Cup 10 times, longtime Canadiens equipment manager Eddy Palchak has seen it all. Here’s your chance to pick the brain of one the most colorful characters in club history. Why chance it on your own when you can just “Ask Eddy”? Send us your question today and it could end up featured in an upcoming issue of CANADIENS magazine answered by the man himself!