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Be Like Mike
With his highlight-reel goals and big-time talent, it seems like there’s nothing Michael Cammalleri can’t do. The secret? It takes hard work to make it look so easy.   

The Power Within
The closest thing the NHL has to a unicorn, a true power forward is something every GM dreams about. Max Pacioretty is busy trying to make that dream become reality.

The Gold Rush
For two weeks in Vancouver, season-long allegiances are about to be turned on their head. Foes will become allies and allies will become foes in the world’s ultimate international competition.

Future Watch
"He was born with skates on his feet". While that may be a common claim in hockey circles, it's not far from the truth when it comes to the Habs prospect Mac Bennett.

Blast from the Past
For any rookie, setting foot in the hallowed halls of the Habs’ dressing room for the first time can be a stressful experience. As one particular newbie found out in the 1970s, though, filling the skates once worn by the team's greatest legends was an even tougher task than he had bargained for.

The Last Word: Joannie Rochette
While the athletes in both disciplines don similar footwear when they go to work on the ice, there’s no doubt that hockey and figure skating are worlds apart.  Though Montreal native Joannie Rochette has some experience in the former, she will head to Vancouver as Canada’s best hope for a podium finish in the latter, entering her second Winter Olympics as the country’s reigning six-time national champion.  We caught up with the talented 24-year-old just ahead of her departure out west to compete on sports’ grandest stage.

On the Fly
Quick hits, insider chatter, and other random facts including:

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- The Couch Critic: Matt D'Agostini
- My Playlist: Paul Mara
- Dining Out with Hal Gill
- Behind Enemy Lines: Nicklas Backstrom about Marc-André Bergeron
- The Showdown: Ninja vs. Wizard
- Our new pop culture quiz

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