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1.    When deciding to purchase a Canadiens jersey, be aware of the price. If it’s too good to be true, then it’s probably a fake. If someone, or a website, is selling a Canadiens jersey with a sewn player name and number kit for $50-$100, it’s a fake.
2.    Reebok does not liquidate authentic jerseys due to overproduction or any other reason. This is important as many illegal vendors will use this as an excuse for the really low price. Illegal vendors may also claim they know someone at Reebok.

3.    The Internet is full of fake jerseys. Beware of auction and classified sites such as eBay, Craig’s List, Lespac, and Announce123.

4.    Several sites sell fake Canadiens jerseys directly from China. All authentic Canadiens jerseys are made locally at Reebok’s Saint-Hyacinthe factory, so any jersey which is being delivered by “international shipping” is 100% fake. If the site payment method is Pay Pal, it’s probably not legitimate.

5.    If a website’s method of payment is Pay Pal, it’s probably not a legitimate online retailer of officially-licensed NHL products.

6.    Search engines such as Google do not pre-screen websites that appear in their search results. Be cautious of websites that appear on Google searches for "Canadiens Jerseys" or similar keywords or search terms.

7.    It is highly recommended that you purchase your Canadiens jersey at an authorized retail store. In addition to the Habs Zone, located at the Bell Centre and the Bell Sports Complex in Brossard, other legitimate retailers selling officially-licensed NHL merchandise include Sports Experts, La Capsule sportive, and Rousseau Sports. To purchase your jersey online, visit the NHL’s store at shop.canadiens.nhl.com. You can also order through the official Montreal Canadiens merchandise catalog by calling (514) 932-3720 or toll free at 1-800-363-8162.

8.    Avoid purchasing a Canadiens jersey in the parking lot outside the Bell Center, out of the trunk of someone’s vehicle, or at a local flea market.

9.    Just because the jersey has a fight strap sewn into the back, doesn’t make it authentic. See the FAQs for further details.

10.    Reebok does not sew players’ names and numbers onto any of its authentic Canadiens jerseys. The Habs Zone uses the same local company as the team’s equipment manager on all of its sewn player name and number jerseys.