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The BIG picture
Defense wins championships. Which goes a long way to explaining why Hal Gill's phone rang as early as it did last summer.

Ask the eight ball
Despite its mystical properties, even the magic 8 ball would likely have had its limitations had it been used to predict the playoff destinies of Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby against the Habs this spring.

Old school
He may have taken the road less traveled to reach the NHL, but Mathieu Darche has never forgotten his roots.

Future Watch
Size, strength and grit: three elements that make scouts salivate when it comes to finding future NHL defensemen.

Blast from the Past
Known for his jovial spirit and back-patting of each of his players after a win, Jacques Demers was likely the most affable and fun-loving coach in Canadiens history.

Ask Eddy
In the latest edition of the wildly popular feature bearing his name, Eddy Palchak explains the goalie situation, his thoughts on the "Rocket" and the "Sandgate".

The Last Word: Dana White
UFC president is today among the most recognizable sports executives in the world. We caught up with the popular and famously outspoken White ahead of what promises to be yet another busy summer for the UFC.

On the Fly
Quick hits, insider chatter, and other random facts including:

-Mike Keane: Forever young
-My influences:Tom Pyatt
-Who's your favorite cartoon character?
-Head to head: Michael Moore vs Dominic Moore
-Behind Enemy Lines: Vincent Lecavalier on Mathieu Darche
- What's in a name?

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