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Getting Real
Under the blazing lights of the NHL's biggest markets, hockey borders on religion and only a player's best is accepted. Between Toronto, Boston and Montreal, Tomas Kaberle knows that magnifying glass all too well.

Fight Club
He may never lead his team in ice time, but Habs heavyweight Brad Staubitz has his own way of making every minute count.

Preparing the Blueprint
"The Canadiens are proud to select...". Every June, these words turn the dreams of a few young hockey players into reality, but they also represent nearly a year's worth of work for those making the selection.

Video: Tattoos & Tailgates with Chuck Hughes
Tattoos and Tailgates with Chuck Hughes
It makes sense that if you're going to ask a celebrity chef to prepare dishes inspired by the taste of Canadiens players, you connect with a guy whose initials are ''C.H.'' In this issue, Chuck Hughes prepares sea bass and a lobster risotto for Tomas Kaberle.

Breezy Does it
In his near two decade career in the NHL, Patrice Brisebois spanned multiple generations with the Canadiens. There isn't much the Stanley Cup champ hasn't seen over the years, so we called on the retired blue-liner to share some insider info with us in these very pages.

On the rise
Much has been made of Blake Geoffrion's storied family history since the former Predators forward arrived in Montreal this February. Now, the 24-year-old center is ready to make his own name in the league.

The Last Word: William Shatner
Launching a new book, collaborating on an album with dozens of rock legends, premiering an original documentary and hitting the road for a one-man show would be a pretty impressive career for most performers. For William Shatner, it’s just your average month. Best known for his roles as Captain James T. Kirk, T.J. Hooker and Denny Crane, the Emmy Award-winning Canadian icon has left an indelible mark on popular culture during his 60-year career. We caught up with the Notre-Dame-de-Grace native to find out more about his Montreal roots and what’s up next for the man who’s already done everything.

* Read the full interview here

On the Fly
Quick hits, insider chatter, and other random facts including:
-    Yannick Weber: Captain Planet
-    My Hometown: Max Pacioretty
-    Dining out with Peter Budaj
-    My Man with Stephanie Darche
-    You are... Louis Leblanc

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