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My Man: Angela Webber on Carey Price

For years, we’ve been heading to the Habs’ dressing room to unearth information about the guys by talking to their teammates. Always willing to dish a little dirt on one another, the players have been more than obliging in our quest to get a sneak peek at their off-ice personalities. Then we realized: who knows the players better than their better halves? We checked in with Carey Price’s bride-to-be, Angela Webber, to get the scoop on what the 25-year-old All-Star is really like.

First things first: how long have you guys been together?
ANGELA WEBBER: Off and on for about eight years now. We met when he was playing Junior in Tri-City.

How is Carey at remembering big dates: anniversaries, birthdays, etc?
AW: (laughs) He has the worst memory in the world, but I’m pretty close behind him with that so it’s never been a big deal.

Eight years is a long time. Do you remember what you did on your first date?
AW: A friend of ours actually set us up – she was dating one of his roommates. Our first date was at Red Robin restaurant after one of his games. It’s a funny story because he had back-to-back games that weekend and the night after, I went to his second game. He let in eight goals, got pulled and everyone hated me and thought I was just the worst luck ever! (laughs)

He obviously didn’t think so…
AW: Luckily he didn’t, but everyone else did! It took a while for me to bounce back from that!

What was your favorite thing about him when you first met?
AW: To be honest, when I first heard about him I really wasn’t happy about the fact that he was a hockey player, but my friend set it up so I went on the date. What struck me was how surprisingly down-to-earth and kind he was and what a huge heart he has.

Even tough hockey players have a soft side. He must be a little romantic, no?
AW: I wouldn’t go as far as saying he’s romantic, but he’s definitely really family-oriented. We love to just hang out at home and play with the dogs and spend time together.

You guys have two dogs, right?
AW: Yeah, we just got a new puppy and we already had a two-year-old lab, so now there are two of them running around tearing up the house.

Labs are pretty high-energy dogs, but who needs more taking care of: the puppies or Pricey?
AW: (laughs) When they’re puppies, it’s definitely the dogs, but Carey is a close second! When they get a little bit older it’ll be him for sure.

What’s the one thing that would surprise people to learn about Carey Price?
AW: Ohhh, tough one. Maybe that he loves animals. A lot of people know he loves to do rodeos but I think when he retires, we’re going to have a farm full of chickens and cows and horses and everything. He’s really just a cowboy at heart.


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