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The responsibility to Raise the Torch doesn’t rest only on the shoulders of the players in uniform on any given night. Fans, you can Raise the Torch right along with them.

The Mosaic
Add yourself to our mosaic by adding your Facebook or Twitter profile picture, or by using the hashtag #raisethetorch on Twitter.

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Patent Pending. Hashtag Art, Inc.

Show your support and #raisethetorch by adding a customized Twibbon to your Twitter profile picture.

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The Torch
We love it when fans show their support, be it from remote locations around the world or even from the comfort of their living rooms. The only thing standing between you and raising the torch is a little craftiness.

Print these two pages: the first page is the torch; the second is the flame. Roll the first page into a cone shape and insert the roughed-up flame image into it to “light” it. The final product will look like this.

After that, snap a picture of yourself raising the torch anywhere in the world and send it to us at wi@canadiens.com