Top 10 - Canadiens triumphant trades
Montreal – Edmonton (Aug. 27, 1992)

The Canadiens nabbed a future captain in Vincent Damphousse by giving up Shayne Corson and Brent Gilchrist to the Edmonton Oilers. Looking at the deal in terms of the number of players the Habs sent west might make it seem like they got the short end of the stick. But a quick glance into the future at the impact the players involved had on each of their respective teams down the road and it’s clear who really came out on top.

Gilchrist as an Oiler: 60 games played, 10 goals, 10 assists.
Corson as an Oiler: 192 games played, 53 goals, 84 assists.
Vujtek as an Oiler: 70 games, 5 goals, 25 assists
Damphousse as a Hab: 519 games played, 184 goals, 314 assists.