Brendan Gallagher
Speed and Agility drills

Agility Ladder Drills
  • 1) Keep your weight on the balls of your feet
  • 2) Move your feet as quickly as possible without touching the ladder
  • 3) Look straight ahead
  • 1) Land with one foot on the outside of the hurdles and two feet inside the hurdles
  • 2) Land on the balls of your feet
  • 3) Move your feet as quickly as possible
Peter Budaj
Goalie-specific exercises

Cone Jumps
  • 1) Focus on posture (core engaged, back straight)
  • 2) Explode across the seams
  • 3) Keep eyes facing forward the entire time
Knee Drops
  • 1) Maintain goalie stance throughout the exercise (back straight)
  • 2) Alternate legs
  • 3) Pop up off the mat as quickly as possible while remaining in control of your upper body
Francis Bouillon
Stability and Core exercises

Jack Knife
  • 1) Slow, controlled movements
  • 2) Engage core muscles throughout the exercise
  • 3) Keep your back flat and glutes low; bring your knees to your chest
Ball toss
  • 1) Explode through your legs to propel the ball
  • 2) Bring your knees to a 90° angle in the squat position
  • 3) Absorb the impact of the ball
Lars Eller
Upper Body Strength and Explosion

Upper body power
  • 1) Start in the lunge position. Pull the bar towards you, twisting your body to face forward
  • 2) Push the bar out and away from your body
  • 3) Keep your core engaged and push the bar up over your head
Battle Ropes
  • 1) Create a wave-like motion with ropes by pushing and pulling with alternating arms.
  • 2) Use only your arms to propel the ropes.
Kettlebell Circuit

Exercise 1
  • 1) Keep arms straight and lower your body until the kettlebell touches the floor
Exercise 2
  • 1) Swing kettlebell, changing hands on the upswing motion
  • 2) Keep the kettleball in control throughout the swinging motion
Exercise 3
  • 1) Push through legs, keeping elbows bent
  • 2) Raise kettlebell up to chin level
Exercise 4
  • 1) Use your legs to push the kettlebell up over your head
  • 2) Keep the kettlebell under control throughout the motion